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The HMS Certification

… is for appraisers and real estate agents. For appraisers there are two seven-hours courses required, along with the final exam. For real estate agents there are three courses required. One four-hour class and two five-hour classes, along with the same final exam required for all HMS candidates. A slightly different path with the same ultimate objective – to understand the extraordinary power of price-per-square-foot and the best method for measuring and reporting residential square footage. Stand out in the real estate industry at a time when real estate professionals are discovering the influence accurate square footage details have on their listings and all valuations. Most agents don’t want to measure houses and take the responsibility for the square footage details, but yet they are better understanding the importance of accurate data. They are looking for someone who knows how to provide this information accurately and consistently and can help to protect their clients and their company. You have a unique opportunity to serve the real estate industry, improving the data used by all real estate professionals and better protecting the home buying public. 

For Real Estate Agents

Course #1
ANSI, Home Measurement & the Power of Price-Per-Square-Foot
4 Hours

Course #2
Big Data – Big Trouble
5 Hours

Course #3
Learning Home Measurement

5 Hour Video Class

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