• Use of the HMS Logo & Nane

• Official Certificate

• Customizable press release & marketing materials.

• Bi-monthly newsletter

• Private Networking & Discussion Group access.


How To Earn It

Obtaining the HMS® designation is a simple three-step process:

1. Complete the two HMS® courses ($119.95 each with 7 hours CE credit).

2. Take and pass the Final Exam.

3. Submit the $149.00 designation/application fee.
* There are no annual fees.

Who It's For

The HMS® Certification was specifically developed for those who measure square footage for others and for all real estate professionals who help to determine home prices.

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Coming Soon!

The HMS® Certification will soon be available for real estate agents, tax assessors, insurance adjustors, and anyone who measures square footage for others.

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The Home Measurement Specialist programs are visual online classes for real estate agents or appraisers who are looking for specialized training in measuring and understanding the influence of residential square footage. Students leaving this program will be positioned to increase their profitability, enhance their level of client service, and confidently expand their business in a market where precision and "quality" and elevated to new levels.
This training program offers real estate professionals the unique opportunity to learn and build key skills in the "art" of home measurement. And, a new wealth of knowledge to understand (and be able to explain) the influence of square footage on the home comparison and valuation processes. 

Square Footage Appraisal Example

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