Final Exam

Effective June 1, 2022, anyone who has not started the program by this date will be required to have a professional real estate license, either real estate or appraiser. Or, be a professional home inspector with a state license. Those without a professional license will no longer be able to obtain the Home Measurement Specialist certification.

Obtaining the HMS®
designation is a simple three-step process.

  1. Complete the required HMS® courses.(2 appraisers – 3 agents)
  2. Take and pass the Final Exam.
  3. Submit the $149 designation fee.

* There are no annual dues/fees at this time.
Exam/Certification Cost: $149.00

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These courses will give you knowledge that will increase your bottom line throughout your entire career. Get the HMS® designation to start seeing an immediate impact on your business.

These online courses are APPROVED for continuing education credit in the states listed on the website below. Courses are designed for agents, appraisers, home measurement companies, insurance adjusters, tax assessors, builders, and anyone who works with real estate and square footage data. All who receive the Certification must pass the final exam.

All those who have previously taken a live version of the 1st ANSI course will receive full credit. Simply complete the 2nd class through, complete the final exam, and you will be awarded the HMS Certification. Courses approved are the ANSI, Home Measurement, & the Power of Price-Per-Square-Foot and Home Measurement Basics (7 hr or 8 hr editions). Contact or Ben@storyboard.emp with any questions. You may also take the course from the National Association of Appraisers titled “Size Matters, ANSI Standard for Measuring Residential Properties.” Completion of this course along with the 2nd Public Records class allows you to take the final exam. Agents have three required classes, also totaling 14 hours of CE.