What Students Say about Us

Don’t just take our word for the benefit of our courses.Here is what our students have told us.

Just have to give you a shout out HAMP. I found your old clunky website many moons ago – now you have progressed to professional sites, LOL. You had links to yours, and other articles all over – and some “gifs” you made that I know did not take just a few minutes to create. That was back in the day. I actually bought your book on “how to measure a house” which is sitting right behind me. I used your info to give speeches to Realtor® offices at least eight years ago and longer, but started quoting you then.
Then I took your certification classes and received the “HMS.” I was #14 in Texas and #1 to get it in Colorado. I must ask… if you can call the stock market as well as you called this situation then please reach out. I have some money I need you to invest for me.
On a serious note to everyone, HAMP has been passionate about this for a long time. Regardless of all the answers you get on this topic, make sure you get the real response from Hamp. I am on his mailing list (you should be to) and enjoy the info I receive from him. Thanks.
PS – I have nothing to gain by giving him props; seeing HAMPs vision coming full circle after all these years must feel good to him. Almost as good as some of these cancelled folks from 30-40 years ago in other fields, with research now claiming they were correct after all. Awesome!

Tim Rusch

Rusch Appraisal Company Frisco, Texas


Thank you so very much! I am very excited to be part of this organization. I will most certainly spread the work using my blog and podcast. I really enjoyed the classes. I’ve seen this play out over and over again since I started appraising in 1998. It is so good to know that there is a group of professionals who are working to bring this to the attention of the public.

Thanks for your kind words on my test score and for sending the book out. I look forward to reading it.

Thank you for all that you are doing for our profession!

Jamie O. - Ohio

Thank you. I really enjoyed the classes and think it should be mandatory training for all appraisers.

Abdur Abdul-Malk


Your classes were fantastic and I learned a lot!

S Burek

Jacksonville Beach, FL

 Thank you for the GREAT class and test! Dana S I’ve done this for 18 years and I am walking away with knowledge I did not have.

Christine G.

Been appraising for 31 years and actually learned a lot about Ansi I never knew. Very informative. Thanks again!

S. Pierce

This has been an informative, empowering process! This entire process has been eye-opening, and I believe I’ve gained a lot of useful insight. Both classes have been very helpful. I’m looking forward to utilizing all the knowledge I’ve gained and hopefully doing my part to clean up all the misinformation in the market in regards to reliable sources of properties’ square footage. Thanks!

John Hicks