What are the required courses for the Home Measurement Specialist Certification?
Why should I Earn the HMS® Certification?

The HMS® is the benchmark of excellence when it comes to residential square footage and quality home valuations. This Certification is like nothing else available within the industry and highlights a subject many educators consider taboo. These courses are provided for real estate practitioners who seek specialized training and advanced practical education.

Using the HMS® Certification

When can I begin using the HMS® designation in my advertisements and in representations to the public?

Upon completion of both courses and the associated exams, the HMS® Certification will be awarded to you.The CCHMS will send you the HMS® Certification Welcome Kit, which includes a certificate, distinguished CherryWood wall plaque, a press release for distribution to your local media and reproduction artwork of the HMS® logo for your advertisements. All Use of the logo must be with approved artwork, provided free of charge. 

What can I do as part of the HMS® Community to help improve the real estate information in my market?

Change starts with one voice. You can be that voice in your community, and be heard by your clients and peers; as well as industry and government leaders. Our blogs will reach from simple questions to philosophy concerns. This subject needs to sneak out from under the radar. We can help other practitioners understand that this topic does NOT need to strike fear into every transaction. Real estate professionals have a great power and responsibility. And together, we can improve our industry and help to get America moving again.

What can I do when I have a square footage question?

When you earn the HMS® Certification you automatically become a “member” of the HMS Community. Included within that peer network is the opportunity to ask questions. Whether it’s a general discussion among your peers or a specific measurement question. Whether it’s about GLA, finished square footage, or measuring stairs; you can submit your question and get a response, usually within 24 hours. Obviously,no legal opinions can be rendered. But, we will try to help you with any question on the subject of residential square footage. One of our experts will share the answer, based on the ANSI® measurement guidelines.  

What benefits does the Home Measurement Specialist Certification offer me?

In this HGTV® generation, consumers know the simple price-per-square-foot formula. We live in a price-per-square-foot world and consumers recognize and understand this simple calculation. Learn to use their knowledge in order to help you get more business. Refresh you skills on creating the currency of real estate and discover a new level of liability protection for you and your clients. Become the local square footage expert that consumers will seek out, so they can make the wisest decision in pricing their home. Discover a new perspective on the “quality” of the information we use every day. Uncover the true power of the MLS and take a new look at so many things we assume and take for granted in pricing real estate. Become better at your job.

Will the HMS® teach me to be an expert at measuring residential square footage?

You In a word – No. The HMS® training program was not designed to teach the complete “art” of home measurement. After 30 years of measuring, I still find new circumstances. While these courses will help you become more efficient at calculating square footage (and understanding why it is so influential), measuring square footage is a learning process that will continue throughout your career. The HMS® will teach you the fundamentals of this fading art form, and the power to handle your job with consistency and a higher degree of accuracy. Discover a new level of skill to set you apart from your competition and simply be better at your job! Learn more than all newly licensed agents and appraisers and 90% more than all your peers. Information that will last a lifetime. 

With all my experience, do I still have to take the classes to earn the HMS® Certification?

You might say “I’m experienced” or maybe even call me an “old pro.” Either way is okay. But, can I simply use all my experience, take the exams and get my Certification? 

We are excited to have so many veterans join us. We are also confident that even the most experienced real estate practitioners will find new information in this program. Currently, it is not possible to test out of the educational requirements of the program. We need to guarantee that everyone who earns the Certification and distinguishes himself or herself as a HMS® Designee, has the same core or baseline education. As you know, the HMS® Certification is a one of a kind training program. It is therefore essential that all students complete the full course training. 

Can Realtors® benefit from this Certification if they never intend to measure a house?

In a word, YES! Realtors® are often the ones who benefit the most from these courses. When agents learn the material, we often hear “I wish I had known this when I started my career.” Learning to measure square footage is an art. While this is the most in-depth course available anywhere about measuring square footage, it is also information that anyone who works in the real estate industry and prices homes needs to know; even if they never plan to personally measure property. Understanding the fundamentals of home measurement, and why it is so influential over the home comparison and valuation processes, is vital to success in today’s real estate environment. These courses are all about the Power of Price-Per-Square-Foot. From newly licensed agent, to seasoned appraiser, you will find something new in these courses. And, the Certification is a recognition of your new level of knowledge, to let all buyers and sellers know you are ahead of the learning course, so that you can always best protect their interests. A true real estate professional.

Regardless of market conditions,
some things never change

Learn More – Earn More has never been more true. In today’s ever-changing marketplace, the professionals who go the extra mile will not only survive but thrive.

Let the HMS® Certification help you stand out from the competition! Educated buyers and sellers want better educated real estate professionals.
Learn more, earn more!


Please Note:

… this professional certification program is not affiliated with and/or endorsed by the National Association of Realtors® or any State Real Estate Commission

The new HMS® curriculum

… shows you how to better understand the power of price-per-square-foot on the home comparison and valuation processes. Students will learn the rules of the ANSI® Measurement Standard and the many misconceptions about home measurements across the country today. Learn to take advantage of the new generation of HGTV® educated buyers and sellers, who all understand the power of size in every residential transaction. Strategies to provide square footage with less liability, offer consumers more reliability in home pricing, and run your business more efficiently and profitably. 

That you understand it is a new day in pricing real estate and that size influences home pricing. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the topic of square footage and liability. Turn a liability into an asset and a way to stand out from your competition. Focus of how to efficiently measure square footage, or to use that information in creating the most accurate CMA’s in the market. Teach consumers why your CMA’s are ahead of the competition and to not price their home until they talk to you first. Take charge of your market. You will not be replicated or duplicated.